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Human capital is one of the invaluable assets that support our business success. Hong Feng is committed to creating a corporate culture embracing innovation and diversity, and strives to build a challenging, yet enjoyable and rewarding work environment.

Employee and People care


Communication and Recognition

Hong Feng has approximately 200 full-time employees and sees harmonious employee relations as the foundation of high productivity and performance. Therefore, Hong Feng is dedicated to building employees relationships by strengthening open communication channels and recognizing employees' achievements. Furthermore, Hong Feng communicates with employees through diversified channels to listen to and respond to employees' voices.


Work-Life Balance

Hong Feng's work and life integration program helps employees develop a better lifestyle, which we believe is key to the Company's success. Hong Feng promotes employees' mental and physical health by providing a healthy working environment and offering a variety of activities and services.


Activities promoting work-life balance include

  1. Sports Activities: Several competitions (basketball, ping-pong, badminton, billiards, etc.) were carried out and attracted enthusiastic participation.

  2. Important Festival Activities: Hong Feng stresses on traditional festival activities, which is important for those who leave far away from home to work here – let them feel like home. Rice dumplings for every employee in Dragon Boat Festival; Moon cakes for everyone in Mid-Autumn Festival; Red envelops for all employees in Chinese New Year.

  3. Company Outings: Hong Feng sponsors company outings from time to time to foster better relationship and interaction between colleagues. Some employees and family members took part in the outings as well.

Employee care

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