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Treating Customers as Partners

Since the company was founded, we have treated our customers as partners and have never competed against them. This policy is the key to our current success and will be crucial to our continued growth. At Hong Feng, customers always come first. Their success is our success, and we value their ability to compete as we value our own.

Building Quality into all Aspects of our Business 

Every Hong Feng employee is responsible for providing the highest quality service. To achieve this, each person continuously evaluates and improves the quality of his or her own work. Our greatest goal is to achieve and maintain complete customer satisfaction.

Unceasing Improvement and Innovation

Improvement and innovation are the wellspring of Hong Feng’s growth. It is vital to all sectors of our business, from strategic planning to management and production.

Fostering a Dynamic and Fun Work Environment

For most people who work at Hong Feng, participating in a challenging and enjoyable work environment full of opportunities to learn new skills is even more important than monetary rewards. To retain talented people who share our goals and interests, we work hard to foster a dynamic and enjoyable work environment.

Keeping Communication Channels Open

Hong Feng has implemented an open-style management system designed to keep all lines of communication open. Employees openly cooperate with one another, while treating each other with honesty and sincerity. Everyone welcomes constructive criticism and is willing to seek improvement. This management style allows all opinions to be expressed before a final decision is made. Once a decision is made, everyone works together to achieve the set goal.



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